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The Judicial Integrity Project Seeks Reform of Colorado’s Judicial Discipline Process. Please Sign The Petition!

From – We’d respectfully encourage everyone here to sign The Judicial Integrity Project’s petition for Colorado Judicial Discipline Reform sponsored by our friends at the Judicial Integrity Project. It’s quick, not obtrusive, and if you…

Colorado Judicial Branch - Weld County - Weld County Combined Courts - Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann

Weld County Court Chief Judge James Hartmann – Corrupt Chief Judge Lies In Official Boulder DA Investigation.

Greeley, CO – Weld County Court –  Evidence obtained by The Hartmann Conspiracy confirms that Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann, former presiding Judge over a civil wage claim action filed in Weld County…

Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO Attorney Known Felon.

Broomfield, CO Attorney Daniel T. Goodwin – Known Felon Believed To Be Targeting The Hartmann Conspiracy Website With Malicious XML-RPC Brute Force Attacks.

Broomfield, CO – In an email notification dated February 18, 2018 at 9:50PM  from web host NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, The Hartmann Conspiracy obtained information that its web servers had been subjected to “high-volume Brute Force XML-RPC attacks”. The attacks were…

Judge James F. Hartmann - The Psychopath vs. The Post-It Note™. Judge James Hartmann Obstructs Justice in Boulder DA Investigation, and Sworn Court Testimony, According To Records.

Judge James F. Hartmann – Corrupt Weld County Chief Judge Obstructs Justice in Boulder DA Investigation & Sworn Testimony According To Court Records.

Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F. Hartmann Twice Refuses To Identify Documents Linking Him To Concealment, Aiding, & Abetting Of Crime –   Obstructs Justice In Official Boulder DA Investigation & Perjured Sworn Testimony….

Cynthia, Ciancio, of Ciancio, Ciancio, & Brown, P.C.: Convicted Felon, Cocaine Dealer.

Cynthia Ciancio :: Ciancio, Ciancio, & Brown, P.C. Attorney , Convicted Felon/Cocaine Dealer Conceals Felony by Partner Daniel T. Goodwin

 Cynthia Ciancio :: Law Partner/Convicted Felon Lends Perspective Into The Unethical Practices of Broomfield, CO Law Firm. Updated 1/18/2018: The original version of this post about Cynthia Ciancio of Ciancio, Ciancio, & Brown, P.C. published November 9, 2017 was,…

Michele Meyer - Weld County Court Judge Michele Meyer: known Felon.

Judge Michele Meyer – Colorado Judicial Branch – Weld County: Corrupt Weld County Court Judge Michele Meyer Attacks Felony Victim To Conceal Crime By Chief Judge James F. Hartmann.

Judge Michele Meyer Weld County Court Presiding Judge Obstructs Justice, Suborns Felony Perjury To Conceal Felonies By Weld County Chief Judge James F. Hartmann & DA Ken Buck. Weld County Combined Courts – Judge Michele Meyer, presiding…

Boulder County DA Stan Garnett Obstruction of Justice, Subornation of Perjury, & evidence tampering in Retaliation trial.

Boulder County DA Stan Garnett – Corrupt Boulder County District Attorney’s Obstruction of Justice in Retaliation Case.

 DA Stan Garnett :: Boulder County DA Refuses to Produce Evidence Corroborating Known Perjured Testimony in Retaliation Trial (Corrupt Stan Garnett – Part 1 of a multi-part series). As evidence has shown, DA  Stan Garnett,…

CBA Colorado Bar Association

Colorado Bar Association Conceals “Unethical” Acts of Corrupt Judge James F. Hartmann.

CBA Formal Ethics Opinion #86 Disappears After Longmont Man Files Complaint Against Corrupt Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann. Craig D. Buckley, a Longmont, Colorado homeowner  had sued his former employers, Dreamstone Marble & Granite, for wages…