Catrina Weigel Deputy DA – Corrupt Boulder County Prosecutor Falsifies Evidence/Suborns Felony Perjury In Sham Retaliation Trial.

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Catrina Weigel Corrupt Boulder County Colorado District Court Prosecutor  conceals illegal raid on Longmont man’s home, suborns felony perjury & obstructs justice in sham retaliation trial.

Catrina Weigel Boulder County Prosecutor Obtains Conviction In Retaliation Case By Subornation of Perjury, According To Evidence.

Original source: editorial comment by Craig Buckley in the Boulder Weekly:

Catrina Weigel Boulder County Colorado Deputy District Attorney is, in my experience, absolutely corrupt. In my case, Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann illegally raided my home because I refused to give the deed to my house to my former employers.

Ten days later, my home was raided again, and I was arrested and charged with F4 Retaliation Against A Judge for alleged threatening statements I was purported to have made during the first illegal raid. Catrina Weigel, Boulder County Prosecutor, is guilty of subornation of Felony Perjury, Obstruction, and evidence tampering, according to the official Court transcript, and documentary evidence obtained from the Boulder County District Court. Read More [Here…].

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