Michael Dougherty: Interim Boulder County DA, and November 2018 candidate inherits "legal and ethical nightmare" from corrupt former Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett.

BoulderCountyCorruption.com – New Site To Launch June 1, 2018

Reposted from: https://www.weldcountycorruption.com For Immediate Release:  Boulder, CO – Weld County Corruption, and The Hartmann Conspiracy publisher Craig Buckley announced the addition of a new website to be launched June 1, 2018: BoulderCountyCorruption.com BoulderCountyCorruption.com  will…

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Judge Todd Taylor - Corrupt Weld County District Court Judge Todd Taylor caught concealing criminal acts of Chief Judge James Hartmann.

Judge Todd Taylor: Corrupt Weld County District Court Judge To Come Under Scrutiny For Illegal & Malicious Rulings.

Greeley, CO – For an employer, swearing simultaneously before the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that neither have jurisdiction over a former employee’s wage claim because the matter is before…

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty

Boulder Daily Camera’s Concealment of Crime By Former DA Stan Garnett. Facebook Comments Blocked!

Boulder Daily Camera – Censorship and Concealment of Crime!  Craig Buckley, Longmont, CO homeowner, victimized by years of Government attack blocked from posting comments regarding Michael Dougherty’s Conviction Integrity Unit on the Boulder Daily Camera’s…

Weld County, Colorado Judges Implicated in Criminal Conspiracy & years-long Attack On Longmont Man.

WeldCountyCorruption.com Is Now Live! Please Subscribe For The Latest News & Evidence-Packed Articles About Weld County Court.

The sister site to The Hartmann Conspiracy, Weld County Corruption, is poised to provide in-depth, evidence-backed articles pertaining to the years-long campaign of criminal acts by the Weld County Court and supporting cast of The Hartmann…

The Judicial Integrity Project 450 W. 14th Ave., #40634 Denver, CO 80204

The Judicial Integrity Project Seeks Reform of Colorado’s Judicial Discipline Process. Please Sign The Petition!

From hartmannconspiracy.com – We’d respectfully encourage everyone here to sign The Judicial Integrity Project’s petition for Colorado Judicial Discipline Reform sponsored by our friends at the Judicial Integrity Project. It’s quick, not obtrusive, and if you…

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman Obstructs 1st Amendment Rights, Deleting Comments & Reviews From Taxpayer-Funded Facebook Page.

Cynthia Coffman – Colorado Attorney General & Failed 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Blocks Reviews From Government Facebook Page.

Cynthia Coffman, Colorado Attorney General and failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate deletes reviews from official govt./taxpayer funded AG’s Facebook page in violation of citizens’ Constitutional Right to petition the Govt. for redress of grievances. Serious civil…

Colorado Judicial Branch - Weld County - Weld County Combined Courts - Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann

Weld County Court Chief Judge James Hartmann – Corrupt Chief Judge Lies In Official Boulder DA Investigation.

Greeley, CO – Weld County Court –  Evidence obtained by The Hartmann Conspiracy confirms that Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann, former presiding Judge over a civil wage claim action filed in Weld County…

Colorado 19th Judicial District Chief Judge James F. Hartmann Jr. A vote for this Weld County District Court Chief Judge is a vote for a KNOWN FELON. Vote "NO" on Retention, November 6, 2018.

Why This Site Exists. Known Felon Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann CAUGHT In Crime!

Known Felon Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann Conceals, Aids, Abets, and Compounds Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant & Fraud Upon The Court, Then Wages 8 Year War On…

Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO Attorney Known Felon.

Broomfield, CO Attorney Daniel T. Goodwin – Known Felon Believed To Be Targeting The Hartmann Conspiracy Website With Malicious XML-RPC Brute Force Attacks.

Broomfield, CO – In an email notification dated February 18, 2018 at 9:50PM  from web host NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, The Hartmann Conspiracy obtained information that its web servers had been subjected to “high-volume Brute Force XML-RPC attacks”. The attacks were…

Judge James F. Hartmann - The Psychopath vs. The Post-It Note™. Judge James Hartmann Obstructs Justice in Boulder DA Investigation, and Sworn Court Testimony, According To Records.

Judge James F. Hartmann – Corrupt Weld County Chief Judge Obstructs Justice in Boulder DA Investigation & Sworn Testimony According To Court Records.

Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F. Hartmann Twice Refuses To Identify Documents Linking Him To Concealment, Aiding, & Abetting Of Crime –   Obstructs Justice In Official Boulder DA Investigation & Perjured Sworn Testimony….