Victim Of Corrupt Weld County Chief Judge Needs Transcripts! Please Donate. The Judge James Hartmann Conspiracy.

Longmont Colorado Homeowner Attacked By Corrupt Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann. Please Donate. WE NEED TRANSCRIPTS TO END HIS CAREER!

Q: Who are you, and why should I donate?

Longmont, CO Homeowner Craig Buckley during happier times: in a boat on Lobster Lake, Alexandria, MN.

 My name is Craig Buckley. I am YOU, People of the state of Colorado. I am a Longmont, Colorado homeowner, remodeler by trade, motorcycle, electronics, vintage car, and computer enthusiast. I have lived with my girlfriend of 25 years and our two dogs, in relative peace and quiet. In 2009, I attempted to sue some former employers for wages due at the time of my termination of employment. In 2011, I caught corrupt  Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann and Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck concealing, aiding, abetting and compounding multiple felonies discovered to have been committed by the employers for the specific purpose of cheating me out of my earned/accrued wages. Since then, they have decided to destroy my life to conceal their involvement. This could happen to you, if you catch the wrong corrupt government officials in commission of crime.  They then spent the next 7 years attacking, terrorizing, and victimizing me, and my family in retaliation for my having accused them of criminal acts.

Ask yourself this: is this legal? No? This is a FELONY. So why has the Government been attacking Craig Buckley for 7 years to conceal Judge James Hartmann’s involvement in this crime? Because Judge James F. Hartmann GOT CAUGHT concealing, aiding, and abetting.

Q: Why have you waited so long to bring this information forward?

Simply: unrelenting attacks and financial decimation. I had tried to present this information and seek Justice through the appropriate Government agencies. Proof in hand, I was subject to years of harassment, illegal home invasions, incarcerations, death threats, and more, in retaliation for accusing corrupt Government officials of commission of crime. We have lived in abject terror for the last 7 years.  I have recently decided, I am no longer going to be victimized by terrorists. Their criminal acts will be exposed.

Q: Where is my money going?
Judge Todd Taylor Felon Corrupt Weld County

Weld County District Court Judge Todd Taylor – Acting in Criminal Conspiracy With Judge James Hartmann.

Simply: transcripts. The evidence against the individuals accused on this website, and particularly Judges James Hartmann, Michele Meyer,  Todd Taylor , and John Briggs.  and Congressman Ken Buck, is staggering. Our family has been under attack for 7 years, and we’ve been left financially decimated. Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann and Congressman (then Weld County DA Ken Buck were caught concealing, aiding, abetting, and compounding criminal acts by my former employers. In so doing, they have committed multiple additional criminal offenses, prosecutable under Federal Law. The majority of the criminal acts committed occurred on the record of the Court. Those involved in perpetration of criminal acts have deliberately, and with extreme malice, used our socioeconomic status to insure that they would never be caught.

Q: If you’re really right, why hasn’t anyone helped you?
Attorney Sarah Bousman (Fmr.) Weld County Deputy DA Known Felon

Attorney Sarah Bousman (Fmr.) Weld County Deputy DA Known Felon Conceals Judge James Hartmann’s crime/attacks victim.

Evidence presented throughout this website indicates criminal involvement by an incomprehensible number of government officials: from lowly (Fmr.) Weld County Deputy District Attorney Sarah Bousman, to First Assistant Colorado Attorney General John Lizza, to PHILIP A. BRIMMER, Federal Court Judge, to the Colorado Division of the F.B.I., to Congressman Ken Buck and numerous others, as proven by confidential internal documents, Court filings, and transcripts.

The simple fact is, Government officials protect their own, the public be damned. We’ve all heard of the “blue wall of silence”, as it pertains to corrupt cops, and “the brotherhood of the black robe”, as it pertains to corrupt Judges.  Let’s face it. Our Government is crumbling around us. All one needs to do is watch the news on any given evening. It happens at the Federal level, and it most certainly happens at the local level. Problem is, at the local level, corrupt officials can usually get away with their criminal acts because they’re too, “small time” to attract the attention of news media. In 2010, Ft. Collins, CO attorney David M. Herrera stated (of Judge James Hartmann) to me, “You pissed off the one person with more power than GOD, and now he’s going to destroy your life”. He was right.

Q: What do you think the outcome of you efforts will be?
Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann: Psychopath

No Statute of Limitations on TREASON. Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann: Psychopath. Is Disbarment Imminent?

Ideally, Disbarment and incarceration of the proven guilty parties. Barring that: closure. When dealing with psychopathic personality types, such as Judge James Hartmann and Ken Buck, there can be no expectation of accountability, despite the evidence. Lack of remorse, inability to take responsibility, and lack of empathy characterize the psychopath. The psychopath will engage in a pattern of behavior referred to as, “gaslighting”, so named for a 1944 movie in which, through a pattern of manipulative acts, the lead character sought to make his wife question her very sanity.  The psychopath will create an alternate reality, in total denial of facts and evidence, to suit his narcissistic desires, and fulfill whatever psychosexual gratification he may seek to obtain.  Unfortunately, psychopaths in positions of power, such as Congressman Ken Buck, and Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann, have the ability to enlist countless others to inflict suffering on the psychopaths desired victim. These are their, Flying Monkeys“.

Corrupt Congressman Ken Buck threatens defense attorney Michael Root.

Corrupt Congressman Ken Buck tells felony victim, “You need to lose my phone number. You need to lose my email address. You need to just get over it and move on with your life. There is nobody in this office who will help you. You will never win.

This website represents the TRUTH: reality as it actually exists, not the psychopaths contrived reality. The psychopath engaged in ‘gaslighting’ will seek to minimize his victim’s reality, and in so doing trivialize his existence. To the psychopath, his victim is nothing more than an ‘object’: not a real person, and not worthy of honesty or compassion. To the psychopath, his victim is held in contempt, for being ‘inferior’ to the psychopath.

Many renowned psychotherapists and psychologists advising victims on dealing with psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder make two most salient points. First, never expect remorse or accountability from the psychopath. Never expect the psychopath to admit he is wrong. Second: write. Do not let the psychopath diminish your value as a human, or allow him to strip you of what you know, in the real world, to be reality: the TRUTH. Writing allows the victim, particularly one affected by PTSD, as a result of years of torture, to rationalize the chaos and mayhem created by the psychopath. When backed by the record of the Court, and transcripts of sworn testimony, as in this case, the psychopaths nefarious actions become clear, and the victim is afforded the opportunity to heal. The victim is no longer subject to the demented reality, and the marginalization of his existence created by the psychopath: the victim is no longer under the psychopaths power and control.

Judge Michele Meyer: Corrupt Weld County Court Judge Michele Meyer Holds Longmont, CO Man, Accused Of Harassing Former Employers, On $20,000.00 Bond For Class 3 Misdemeanor, In Retaliation For Accusing Chief Judge James Hartmann Of Crime.

Weld County Court Judge Michele Meyer: Psychopath Weld County Judge James F. Hartmann says, “Release The Flying Monkeys!” Weld County Judge Michele Meyer – Flying Monkey, Criminal Conspirator, & Known Felon.

The psychopath typically becomes enraged, and lashes out when his distorted view of reality, or his perceived superiority is challenged. Numerous posts on this website deal directly with Congressman Ken Buck, and Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann’s nefarious acts of retaliation over my original websites exposing their criminal activities:, and Additional transcript evidence, particularly as it pertains to Weld County Court Judge/Known Felon Michele Meyer, is still needed.

I personally refuse to continue to be a victim. I refuse to allow James Hartmann’s perverted distortion of reality to perpetuate unchecked. “Speak Your Truth!” is something that Dream Stone Marble & Granite VP, Todd Coday said in 2011. Boulder County Probation Dept. Director Greg Brown also stated, “You should try writing, or keeping a journal, it can be very cathartic”. Good advise, particularly from someone who’s department provably falsified a pre-sentencing evaluation report.

To continue expose corrupt government actors, we need transcripts. Reasonably, we can only expect the Court filings and Orders on hand to sustain this website through just so many more articles.

We, frankly, fully expect the Government of the State of Colorado as well as the FBI, and the DOJ to continue to aid, abet, conceal, and compound the criminal acts of those individuals accused on this website. They will, however, be held accountable in the public eye. Let’s remember: there is no Statute of Limitations on TREASON.

The Government of Colorado, with full knowledge of crime by Judge James Hartmann, Congressman Ken Buck, and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett should, rightfully, publicly release all transcripts related to the ongoing crimes of the aforementioned. The Government of Colorado WILL, however, continue to use our socioeconomic status to conceal evidence. We need (very expensive) transcripts, particularly those pertaining to corrupt “Judge” Michele Meyer. Please Donate!

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James Francis Hartmann - Weld County Court - Weld County Combined Courts - Colorado Judicial Branch. Judge James Hartmann Weld County Court Chief Judge: Colorado's Most Corrupt Judge.

James Francis Hartmann – Weld County Court – Weld County Combined Courts – Colorado Judicial Branch. Judge James Hartmann Weld County Court Chief Judge: Colorado’s Most Corrupt Judge.

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Known Felon Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann Conceals, Aids, Abets, and Compounds Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant & Fraud Upon The Court. Enlists Legions of Others. Then, Judge James Hartmann Wages 8 Year War On Victim: Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley.

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