Deputy DA Catrina Weigel – Corrupt Boulder County Prosecutor Falsifies Evidence/Suborns Felony Perjury In Retaliation Trial.

Corrupt Boulder County Colorado DDA Catrina Weigel.
Corrupt Boulder County Colorado DDA Catrina Weigel.
Catrina Weigel Corrupt Boulder Prosecutor

Catrina Weigel Corrupt Boulder Prosecutor falsifies evidence & suborns perjury, according to official Court transcript.

Boulder County Prosecutor Catrina Weigel Obtains Conviction In Retaliation Case By Illicit Means, According To Evidence.

Reprinted from an editorial comment by Craig Buckley in the Boulder Weekly:

Catrina Weigel Boulder County Colorado Deputy District Attorney is, in my experience, absolutely corrupt. In my case, Weld County Chief Judge James Hartmann illegally raided my home because I refused to give the deed to my house to my former employers.

In a District Court civil wage lawsuit gone bad, Judge James Hartmann, according to a conference I had with Colorado House Representative Jonathan Singer on December 23, 2015, violated my rights under the Colorado Wage Claim Act. Singer was the House Rep. Responsible for the 2014 revisions to the CWCA.

Ten days later, my home was raided again, and I was arrested and charged with F4 Retaliation Against A Judge for alleged threatening statements I was purported to have made during the first illegal raid.

At trial, Catrina Weigel admitted evidence tampering, stating on the record that the audio recording by Longmont Police made during the first arrest had been, “edited” to only include those portions which could be considered threatening to Judge James Hartmann. My defense attorney, Denver CO based Michael Root did nothing. It was clear at the outset that Mr. Root had been coerced or threatened, knowing that if he attacked the reputation of the Weld County Chief Judge, he would likely never practice law again.

Had the evidence remained unmolested, the jury would have heard that the only “threat” I had made against Judge James Hartmann was that I intended to, “sue the corrupt, psychopath, little cocksucker” in Federal Court: which I had attempted to do 23 days prior to my home being raided. The Federal Lawsuit against James Hartmann was dismissed within hours of me filing in Federal Court.

According to the official Court transcript, held in the light of the spoliated, and/or suppressed evidence in my trial, Catrina Weigel, under the authority of Boulder DA Stan Garnett,  not only tampered with the audio evidence, but also tampered with the Court filings and documentary evidence in my case. Weigel then suborned First Degree Felony Perjury by Judge James Hartmann to obtain her desired outcome. The transcript, as it compares to the documentary evidence,  indicates Catrina Weigel needs to be disbarred, and jailed. 

My life has been an incomprehensible nightmare for the last 8 years as a result of criminal acts by Hartmann, Ken Buck, Stan Garnett, Catrina Weigel, and others.

I will not be a victim anymore. My story is here:

Catrina Weigel Boulder County DA Catrina Weigel District Attorney Boulder Colorado District Court Prosecutor Catrina Weigel

District Attorney Boulder Colorado District Court Prosecutor Catrina Weigel suborns felony perjury & obstructs justice in sham retaliation trial.


The Government of Colorado, with full knowledge of crime by Judge James Hartmann, Congressman Ken Buck, and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett should, rightfully, publicly release all transcripts related to the ongoing crimes of the aforementioned. The Government of Colorado WILL, however continue to use our socioeconomic status to conceal evidence. We need (very expensive) transcripts. Please Donate!

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Known Felon Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann Conceals, Aids, Abets, and Compounds Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant & Fraud Upon The Court. Enlists Legions of Others. Then, Judge James Hartmann Wages 8 Year War On Victim: Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley.

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