Judge Andrew Hartman – Colorado’s Newest Corrupt Judge Rules Felony Perjury by Judge James Hartmann “Not Material” in Retaliation Case.

Judge Andrew Hartman: like a scene from GOODFELLAS, Colorado’s newest corrupt Judge Andrew Hartman  joins, “The Brotherhood of the Black Robe”.

 Judge Andrew Hartmann Boulder County District Court Judge “Pops His Cherry” in Sham Retaliation Trial.

Judge Andrew Hartman presided over a case described as, “bullshit” in a 2014 interview with Tim Masters’ attorney, David Wymore, in Boulder County District Court.  The criminal trial of Longmont, Colorado homeowner Craig D. Buckley.

In June 2013, Buckley was arrested on a civil contempt warrant issued by  the Weld County District Court for refusing to give the deed to his home to his former employers. 10 days later, his home was again illegally raided by Longmont, CO police, and Buckley was arrested for, “Retaliation Against a Judge” for alleged threatening statements he was purported to have made during the first illegal raid.

Legal analysts, as well as Colorado lawmaker Jonathan Singer, have concluded that neither the Weld County District Court, nor Judge James Hartmann, his subordinates, or his agents, had any lawful right to be on Buckley’s property. The Weld County District Court had surrendered jurisdiction over Buckley’s civil Court wage claim as a result of multiple Due Process Rights violations and criminal activity by “Judge” James Hartmann.

Buckley was convicted of Class 4 Felony Retaliation Against a Judge in June of 2014. Prosecutor Catrina Weigel, according to an in-depth analysis of the official Court transcript, had falsified evidence and suborned felony perjury  by so-called “victim” Judge James Hartmann to obtain the conviction. Buckley’s attorney, Denver Colorado based criminal defense attorney Michael Root, made no attempt to defend Buckley, and no attempt to attack the falsified evidence and perjured testimony.

On the morning of trial, Michael Root, with full knowledge of the extent of Judge James Hartmann’s illegal acts as presiding Judge over Buckley v. Dreamstone, Inc. et.al. stated to Buckley, “I refuse to attack the Judge”. Months later, an undisclosed Weld County source would reveal that Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck had threatened Mr. Root prior to the trial stating, “If you do anything to embarrass either me, or the Judge (James Hartmann),  you’ll never practice law again”.

Buckley fired Michael Root for failure to defend immediately after receiving the jury verdict .

Judge Andrew Hartman, in response to Buckley’s pro-se Motion for Release of Counsel, ruled Michael Root’s failure to defend, and subornation of perjury, “trial strategy”.

With full knowledge of Felony perjury by James F. Hartmann, irrefutable proof of obstruction, subornation of perjury, and evidence tampering by prosecutor Catrina Weigel and Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett, Judge Andrew Hartman, in his Court Order responding to a post-trial Motion filed pro-se by Buckley, stated that Judge James Hartmann’s proven First Degree Perjury, “even if true” was, “not material”. See: 7.17.2014 D Mot. for Continuance & 13CR114 – 7.18.2014 D. Motion for Mistrial . 

“Bullshit”, as attorney David Wymore would say.

Judge Andrew Hartmann

Judge Andrew Hartmann :: Violates Constitution & Oath of Office.

Judge Andrew Hartman was appointed as a District Court Judge in the Twentieth Judicial District on September 2, 2013 by Governor John Hickenlooper.  Prior to his appointment, Judge Andrew Hartman was a partner at Gross Hartman.  He was also an adjunct professor and director of experiential education at the University of Colorado Law School.  Judge Andrew Hartman has previously served as general counsel for Keen, Inc., and as partner at Cooley LLP and Reed Smith LLP.  Judge Andrew Hartman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his law degree, with honors, from Georgetown University where he served as an editor of the American Criminal Law Review.  Judge Hartman was admitted to the bar in 1989.

In the coming months, hartmannconspiracy.com will be dissecting Judge Andrew Hartman’s criminal acts line by line. Please join us.

Part 1 of a Multi-Part Series on Judge Andrew Hartman’s Criminal Involvement in The Hartmann Conspiracy.
Judge Andrew Hartman Boulder County Colorado District Court Judge Andrew Hartmann Colorado's Newest Corrupt Judge.

Judge Andrew Hartman Boulder County Colorado District Court Judge Andrew Hartmann Colorado’s Newest Corrupt Judge.

The Government of Colorado, with full knowledge of crime by Judge James Hartmann, Congressman Ken Buck, and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett should, rightfully, publicly release all transcripts related to the ongoing crimes of the aforementioned. The Government of Colorado with WILL, however continue to use our socioeconomic status to conceal evidence. We need (very expensive) transcripts. Please Donate!

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