Weld District Chief Judge Perjured Testimony Against Longmont Man – Longmont Times-Call Conceals Crime

Felon: Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F. Hartmann

A rewrite of a falsified Longmont Times-Call Article.
Craig Buckley victimized in sham trial for felony retaliation against a judge.

Apr 21, 2014 – Weld District Chief Judge James Hartmann perjuriously testified Monday in Boulder District Court in the case of a Longmont man falsely accused of threatening him during an illegal raid on his North Longmont home.

Craig Buckley is standing trial on one felony count of retaliation against a judge. He is falsely accused of making threats against Hartmann while Longmont police arrested him in July on a falsified Weld County warrant for failing give the deed to his home to his former employers.

Police recorded his comments during the arrest, and the tape was played to a Boulder County jury on Monday afternoon. Buckley can be heard cursing at the officers.The Boulder District Attorney admitted to tampering with the recorded evidence at the beginning of trial, stating that the tape had been, “edited” to only include those statements which would prove incriminating.

“I swear to God, there will be blood. There will be blood and you can write that down,” he can he heard saying. “Psychopath James Hartmann caused this, ” and was a word-for-word  reference to a filing in another Court in which Buckley vowed to destroy the reputations and careers (only) of James Hartmann, and Boulder County DA Ken Buck. All parties involved knew Buckley’s statement was nothing more than metaphor, which is why it took 10 days to get corrupt government officials together to fabricate the false charge of retaliation.

So-called “reporter”  Pierrette J. Shields at 303-684-5273 or pshields@times-call.com than falsely and libelously reported:

Also on the tape, Buckley said, “This is a vendetta against psychopath James Hartmann and he needs to get his dick out of my ass,” “I am so fucking tired of being harassed by you people.”

What was actually recorded by Longmont Police was as follows:

 “This is a vendetta by psychopath James Hartmann and he needs to get his dick out of my ass.”

Former (now fired) proven-corrupt Longmont Times-Call reporter Pierrette J. Shields has been described by one former TC staffer who declined to be identified as, “an angry angry person with no regard for the truth”.

He continued to curse at the officers and said the arrest was illegal. However, he clarified that he was not calling the officers any names and told them he felt they were just doing their jobs.

“This is illegal, this is a felony. You people are committing a felony,” he said, as police recorded. “This is James Hartmann, this is all James fucking Hartmann that caused this.”

Hartmann surrendered jurisdiction of Buckley’s civil lawsuit on June 17, 2010 when he illegally violated Buckley’s Due Process Rights under C.R.S. 8-4-110(2) of the Colorado Wage Claim Act.   Colorado House representative Jonathan Singer, in a recent interview, confirmed Hartmann had violated Buckley’s Due Process Rights under the Colorado Wage Claim Act. Singer was the Legislator responsible for the 2014 revisions to the Act, and spoke with authority on the matter.

DA Ken Buck, and Boulder DA Stan Garnett  received an evidence package, obtained from CDLE Director Ellen Golombek from Buckley demanding that he “fix” a lien his former employers placed on his home for non-payment of legal fees that Hartmann illegally awarded them, the judge fraudulently concealed during sworn testimony. Hartmann referred to the CDLE evidence package he received as, “miscellaneous paperwork”.

Evidence obtained from the CDLE proved irrefutably that the employers had sworn simultaneously before both the Court, and the Division of Labor that neither had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the other; constituting Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant. Hartmann illegally stripped Buckley of  both the right, and all evidence to prosecute his wage claim. Hartmann, Buck, and Garnett had been criminally complicit since 2010.

Hartmann admitted that Buckley challenged the jurisdiction of the Court to aid and abet the criminal acts of the Defendants. The Weld County District Court has no proof of continuing jurisdiction on the record since the challenge in 2010.

Hartmann, in perjured sworn testimony also testified that Buckley, who represented himself during the civil trial, filed motions in which he produced irrefutable proof the judge had committed crimes and, called the court a “fraud”. Hartmann concealed the fact that Buckley’s motions proved (a) the Defendants had committed Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, and the Judge had aided and abetted the crime, (b) the Judge violated Buckley’s rights under C.R.S. 8-4-110(2) of the Colorado Wage Claim Act, (c) the Judge allowed the Defendants to falsify an affidavit of attorneys’ fees, allowing them to be paid, and allowing the Court to raid Buckley’s home for fees for a Motion that no fees were awarded for.

“I had concerns for my career, my reputation and the approximate 4 million dollars in salary I will earn before mandatory retirement, this piss-ant caught me committing crime, and I will destroy him ” Hartmann should have said.

Defense attorney Michael Root told jurors that his client never directly threatened the judge or suggested to officers that the “blood” in the “there will be blood” comment would be Hartmann’s. That was the extent of Root’s defense, as he had told the Defendant before trial, “I refuse to attack the Judge”. Hartmann’s testimony was rife with perjury and deliberate omission of material fact.

Root argued that a weeklong delay between the comments and the issuance of an arrest warrant for retaliation indicated that law enforcement did not take seriously the comments or Buckley’s intent to carry out any harm. Root failed to mention that he was contacted by (then Weld County DA) Congressman Ken Buck, and told that if he did anything to embarrass the Judge, that he would never practice law again.

“At the end of this case, you will find that Mr. Buckley is not guilty of anything except for, quite frankly, defending his property and family from a psychopath Judge,” Root should have told jurors.

Buckley maintained a website about his case and his criticisms of Hartmann, Weld District Attorney Ken Buck, his former employers, their attorney, the Times-Call, and others: www.weldcountycorruption.com.

The site’s content is now reformatted under www.hartmannconspiracy.com. Buckley has stated, “This continuing matter warrants a word by word deconstruction of James Hartmann’s perjured testimony, DA Stan Garnett’s involvement (since 2010), and evaluation of  presiding Judge Andrew Hartman’s subornation. “The new website takes a more logical, detached approach to deconstruction of relevant careers,” Buckley said. “Now with the help of legislators, legal analysts, and the overwhelming evidence of criminal acts of those involved, Justice can be achieved. There is just so much evidence.”

The original, libelous, falsified article is here: http://www.timescall.com/longmont-local-news/ci_25610407/weld-district-chief-judge-testifies-against-longmont-man

Lying  “reporter”  Pierrette J. Shields at 303-684-5273 or pshields@times-call.com 

The Government of Colorado, with full knowledge of crime by Judge James Hartmann, Congressman Ken Buck, and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett should, rightfully, publicly release all transcripts related to the ongoing crimes of the aforementioned. The Government of Colorado with WILL, however continue to use our socioeconomic status to conceal evidence. We need (very expensive) transcripts. Please Donate!




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