Daniel T. Goodwin – Felon Known To Be Actively Removing Reviews From Martindale, Avvo, Ripoff Report, Yelp, & Others In Concealment Of Crime.

Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO Attorney Known Felon.
Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO Attorney Known Felon.

Daniel T. Goodwin – Corrupt Broomfield Colorado Attorney Conceals Commission of Multiple Felonies By Obstructing 1st Amendment Rights of Longmont, CO Man. Multiple Review Sites Impacted.

Longmont, CO –  Daniel T. Goodwin, the Broomfield, Colorado attorney who represented Longmont homeowner Craig Buckley’s former employers in a Weld County District Court wage claim lawsuit is believed to be proactively threatening, and/or paying off review websites to effect the removal of negative comments pertaining to his known criminal actions perpetrated while representing the Frederick, CO marble and granite countertop fabrication company, Dream Stone, Inc.

previous article, published by The Hartmann Conspiracy  November 4, 2017, offered brief insight into Daniel Goodwin’s years-long campaign of perjury, obstruction, evidence tampering, falsification of Court and administrative agency documents, and other disabarable offenses, and the tens-of-thousands of dollars he has spent with online reputation management companies, from 2011 through the present, to conceal his criminal acts.

Evidence obtained by The Hartmann Conspiracy now indicates that Daniel T. Goodwin, and  The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin 10901 W 120th Ave #350, Broomfield, CO 80021 , have purposefully removed negative reviews pertaining to the  proven criminal acts of attorney Daniel T. Goodwin  from Ripoff Report,  Martindale, Yelp, Google Reviews, Yellowpages.com, Avvo, Lawyers.com, and numerous others for the sole purpose of concealing numerous disbarable offenses.

Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO Attorney Known Felon.
Daniel T. Goodwin Broomfield, CO Attorney Swears to both the Court, and the Division of Labor that Neither have Jurisdiction over man’s Wage Claim, Because the matter is Before the Other.

So, This Daniel Goodwin Character, What Did He Do, Exactly?

According to evidence obtained from the record of the Weld County Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, Daniel T. Goodwin committed, at minimum, four serious criminal acts in defense of his clients, Dream Stone, Inc., for the purpose of depriving former employee Craig Buckley of wages due at the time of his termination of employment:

1. Daniel Goodwin, according to sworn testimony by Dream Stone, Inc. VP Ron Murphy,  fraudulently, simultaneously swore before both the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s Wage Claim, because the matter was before the other. Buckley was resultantly stripped of his right, under C.R.S. 8-4-110(2) to seek an award of accrued wages and penalties before the Weld County District Court.
2. Daniel Goodwin fraudulently swore before the Colorado Division of Labor that Buckley was not entitled to his award of accrued wages, because he had not been employed with Dream Stone, Inc. for a full year. This is proven false by 26 months of uninterrupted check stubs, copies of which are known to be in possession of the government.

3. Daniel Goodwin, knowing Buckley’s time cards were ‘at issue’ in the wage claim, destroyed said time cards in criminal conspiracy with Congressman (then Weld County DA) Ken Buck, and Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann. This begs the question: where is the alleged missing week in December?
4. Daniel Goodwin falsified an Affidavit of Attorneys’ Fees, and a document in support of the Affidavit, causing Dream Stone, Inc. to obtain payment for their Response to a Motion for which no fees were awarded.  Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann would allow the Employers to file a lien on Buckley’s home in support of those fees, and the Weld County District Court would raid Buckley’s home, and incarcerate him, because he refused to pay those fees. Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann would later commit Perjury in the First Degree in sworn testimony pertaining to this matter.

All serious felonies, all disbarable offenses: all allowed to be concealed.

For reasons explored in other Hartmann Conspiracy articles, government officials ignored Daniel Goodwin’s serious criminal acts, and initiated a years-long campaign of attack, harassment, and retaliation against Longmont, CO homeowner, Craig Buckley.

Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported. Consumers educating consumers.™

Ripoff Report.com – A Powerful Tool For Exposing Criminals.

Ripoffreport.com is arguably one of the more powerful websites on the internet. Owned by  Xcentric VenturesL.L.C., and headquartered in Tempe, AZ, the consumer complaint website is volatile trove of disgruntled consumers, and others alleged to have been wronged.

Owner Ed Magedson touts his website as being in support of 1st Amendment Rights, stating,”Our hope is that by filing this report you can help us publicly reveal ripoffs, fraudsters, criminals and people that the general public should look out for”. Fortunately, reviews posted on RipoffReport are not able to be removed, only rebutted.

Daniel T. Goodwin - Broomfield, CO. Defense Attorney criminally complicit in the felonious acts of my former employers.
Daniel T. Goodwin – Broomfield, CO. Attorney And Known Felon.

Targeting Yelp, Google, Avvo, & Martindale –   Known Felon, Daniel T. Goodwin, Caught In, “Cat & Mouse Game” To Remove TRUTH From The Internet.

Backed with irrefutable evidence, and seeking redress from Daniel T. Goodwin’s criminal acts, fact based reviews were posted on Yelp, Google, Avvo, & Martindale. Sites with an Admin approval wall unilaterally rejected Buckley’s reviews, and sites such as Yelp removed the content after Goodwin’s complaints. Other sites, such as Google Reviews, removed the reviews and links to corroborating evidence with no notice.


Are Review Websites Like Yelp, Avvo, & Martindale To Be Trusted?

In a word: “NO”. Based on proof of serious criminal conduct, and concealment by such websites, their content should be viewed as, “for entertainment purposes only”. The travesty is twofold: for individuals seeking free expression of grievances when they perceive there is nowhere else to turn, denial of publication of factual content is censorship in its most perverse form. Similarly, individuals in need of products or services who believe that reviews on such websites are trustworthy, are being duped on a daily basis, as only favorable reviews are allowed to exist on such sites.

In Violation of C.R.P.C. Rules, Criminal Acts By Daniel T. Goodwin Concealed, Aided, Abetted, And Compounded By Law Partners/Associates.

Careers in peril? Daniel T. Goodwin Associates Sherin Chahal, Paige Orgel, and Caroline R. Kert, in violation of C.R.P.C. Rules,  full knowledge, and concealment of Daniel T. Goodwin's criminal acts,<em> "extremely likely"</em>.
Careers in peril? Daniel T. Goodwin Associates Sherin Chahal, Paige Orgel, and Caroline R. Kert, in violation of C.R.P.C. Rules,  full knowledge, and concealment of Daniel T. Goodwin’s criminal acts, “extremely likely”. Please enjoy this DMCA Compliant image.

Daniel Goodwin’s criminal acts also raise numerous problems for  The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin, and presents associates, Sherin ChahalPaige Orgel, and Caroline R. Kert. regarding  possible C.R.P.C. violations. All are,”Highly likely” to have personal knowledge of Daniel Goodwin’s criminal acts, and have also likely taken affirmative steps to conceal them.

“Transcript evidence from my unemployment hearing indicates that Goodwin is not particularly computer literate,” stated Craig Buckley. “There’s a nearly 100% likelihood that this is not a solo effort to conceal the truth, and his whole lawfirm is now involved.”

“The Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct, to which all attorneys must adhere, stipulates that an attorney with knowledge of malfeasance by another attorney, must report it. As with Goodwin’s previous law partners and associates at Donelson, Ciancio, & Grant, P.C., I don’t see that happening,” Buckley concluded.

Buckley remains undaunted: “The Hartmann Conspiracy will continue to seek Justice, regardless of Obstruction and 1st Amendment violations by the implicated parties, including Daniel T. Goodwin”

The Government of Colorado, with full knowledge of crime by Judge James Hartmann, Congressman Ken Buck, and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett should, rightfully, publicly release all transcripts related to the ongoing crimes of the aforementioned. The Government of Colorado WILL, however, continue to use our socioeconomic status to conceal evidence. We need (very expensive) transcripts. Please Donate!

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